TADTas can promise volunteers exciting, rewarding and highly satisfying work.

Technical volunteers design, make or modify equipment for clients where nothing commercially available is suitable, tailor-making each solution to suit the needs of the client.

The level of demands on our services means that from time to time we are looking for volunteers with workshop facilities and technical skills in designing, making and evaluating a wide range of equipment to suit the individual needs of clients.

Personal Accident volunteer insurance is held and covers all TADTas volunteers whilst engaged in voluntary work organised by and on behalf of TADTas.

Each project has a team – the client, the technical volunteer, the TADTas Technical Coordinator, a health professional (if necessary) and often a carer. Each member of this team brings their skill and energy to the project, focussing on maximising the outcomes for the client.

Reimbursement for agreed out-of-pocket project related expenses is provided.

Our volunteers bring enthusiasm and a wide range of skills to TADTas. They work from their own workshops within broad guidelines set down by TADTas.

Recent projects include:

  • A dune buggy with wide wheels, based on a billy cart design, to assist a parent negotiate soft sand to get her child to the beach;
  • Modifications to a sewing machine so that a client with limited movement can use it;
  • Modifications to a walking frame so that a little girl with cerebral palsy could use it on the beach without it getting bogged in the sand.

We seek the involvement of people with imagination who would like to use their skills to assist people with disabilities to enhance their dignity and independence.

Current volunteering opportunities

Technical Volunteers

Technical volunteers design, tailor-make or modify things to suit the needs of the client. Technical volunteers work out of their own sheds in their own time. Consequently, you will need access to your own workshop and tools.  Typical technical skill sets include: –

  • Metalwork
  • Woodwork
  • Plastics
  • Electronics
  • Fabrics
  • Engineering
  • New technologies

Freedom Wheels Volunteers

Freedom Wheels volunteers custom build or modify bikes and trikes for children, young adults and seniors. Typically, they are experienced bike mechanics and cycling enthusiasts.

Freedom Wheels (FW) Program Coordinator

(Download duty statement here. To apply please email info@tadtas.org.au)

The FW Coordinator manages the process for all inquiries which may lead to a Freedom Wheels bike or trike order in a formal manner.  These processes are guided by the FW Coordinator under the oversight of the Project Manager from initial inquiry through to project completion and delivery. Project follow-up completes this process. Typically, the FW Coordinator role requires: –

  • Good phone and general communication skills
  • Advance computer skills (MS Outlook, Access Database, Excel and Word)
  • Available at least two days a week
  • Some experience in stock control, ordering and purchasing
  • Ability to multitask
  • Knowledge of bikes/trikes/cycling helpful.

TADTAS Volunteer Benefits

  • Give your time in ways that align your skills, interest and experience
  • Engage with like-minded people committed to making a difference
  • Reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses (for example, materials, mileage)
  • Covered by comprehensive volunteer accident insurance
  • Work in your own workshop in your own time.

If you would like to be part of this, contact us via our secure contact page.