Freedom Wheels

Our Freedom Wheels Program

The Freedom Wheels service provides customised bikes built to meet the individual needs of each rider.

Freedom Wheels aims to build rider confidence, independence, and improvement in overall health and wellbeing through cycling.

You are unique, so is your Freedom Wheels bike.

The Freedom Wheels service provides customised bikes that meet the individual needs of the person. Freedom Wheels builds confidence, independence, and improvement in health through bike riding.

Freedom Wheels bikes are customised with removable and adjustable supports for people with disabilities. This allows for alterations as the person grows and gains confidence and skill. It also allows for easy transport and storage.

Our Freedom Wheels bikes all include various features which are suitable for independent riders and riders who need more assistance. From a low step-through to free or fixed wheels, each bike is tailored to suit your or your client’s needs. Freedom Wheels also provides additional support for riders who can’t ride independently.


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Diagram Bike Freedom Wheels



Supports may include:

  • Stabilizing wheels
  • Postural supports
  • Foot/pedal supports
  • Carer assist for steering and braking supports

In Tasmania, the Freedom Wheels team consists of a TADTas technical volunteer and a therapist from St. Giles Society.

Products & Case Studies

Lucas’s Story

In 2017 Lucas competed with his dad, mum, and sister in the B&E Run The Bridge on his Freedom Wheels bike. He had a bit of help from dad, as you can see, and finished mid field. Reflecting on the role of the bike, his dad says “Overall, the bike has been a huge help in helping his confidence and giving him the capacity to some extent do what all of the able bodied kids do.”

Sam’s Story

Sam’s family bought a bike with commercial training wheels. It was not a success, so they came to us for advice. After assessment, Barry added a Freedom Wheels U-Frame and an attendant control arm. He utilised the commercial training wheels, attached to a manufactured link between the wheels and the U-Frame. And we finished up with a happy Sam.

Estelle’s Story

Estelle took delivery of her Freedom Wheels bike in 2019, and her mum reports great progress since then. She is more confident, no longer needing the tow handle. And her legs are stronger. Freedom Wheels bikes are more than just fun.

Luca’s Story

Luca received his Freedom Wheels bike during a morning delivery, and by the afternoon, he had already hit the local bike track.

We regularly hold Freedom Wheels clinics throughout Tasmania. Here’s a glimpse of a happy participant at one of our Hobart clinics.

How to get your own Freedom Wheels bike

Step One

Professional Individual Assessment

The Freedom Wheels process begins with an individual assessment by an Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist. This assessment identifies the physical and cognitive needs and considers the environment and the goals of the individual and family, and the final design is suitable and safe.

Regular assessment clinics are held in Hobart and Launceston throughout the year.   Individuals, the family or carer, and the referring therapist are invited to attend.

Step Two

Building Of The Bike

A standard range of add-ons have been developed that fit onto a range of standard bikes. This means that an Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist can recommend the attachments needed to correctly support a child. A bike is then designed by TADTas technical volunteers in the clinic to suit the needs of the individual, and a bike to the same specifications is built.

Step Three

Delivery to the Child

The bike is delivered to the child at the subsequent clinic. The Freedom Wheels program has been incredibly rewarding for children and their parents. The one thing most noticeable is the smile and laughter of children when they get on their bicycles for the first time upon delivery.


We prefer referrals from a health professional, but if a referral comes from a family, we will use a health professional from St Giles

Funding Your Freedom Wheels Bike Through the NDIS

TADTas is a registered provider with the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

There are a number of things to be aware of in order to have a bike funded by NDIS, so talk to us or your therapist about including a bike in your NDIS Plan.

NDIS Funding

Your therapist will need to complete the NDIA Assistive Technology Assessment Form – they are encouraged to attend the bike trial, otherwise our therapist will provide photos/videos and additional information to assist them in completing this form.

Once approval is received, TADTas will build your new bike and send an invoice to either the NDIA direct or your plan manager for payment. If you are self-managed, you can pay and claim back from the NDIA.

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 Non-NDIS Funding

TADTas is committed to providing services to all people with disabilities.  TADTas has a small but dedicated band of donors who support our work.  Talk to us about alternative funding options.